Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pear Blossom Octave Mandolin

This is my "Pear Blossom" Octave Mandolin build . Again we are Bumpin' Heads Studios in Nashville Tn . Markus Stadler is playing the build . Thanks again Markus ... Amazing Talent !

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mand-Jo Build Bumpin Heads Recording Studio

Went to SPBGMA in Nashville TN this past weekend and spent several hours with a friend in His recording studio .  Bumpin Heads Recording Studio .  The Musican is Markus Stadler .   I have several Videos and sound Bites that I will post on various builds in time . This one is the Mand-Jo I built for the challenge .  On Markus advice as a Professional Musican , he re-tuned it to Banjo tuning and this is what we have .

I had a blast with Markus .  I hope you enjoy the video !

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gateway Area Luthiers Assembly & Show

We had the 2nd annual Gateway Area Luthiers Assembly and Show  this past weekend at Hibdon Hardwood in St.Louis Mo.  Approx 34 people attended wich was a step up from last year . Hibdon Hardwood and Lenox Band saw blades were our sponsors and did a wonderful job in making the attendees feel welcome .

We had 4 different demo's done by attendees . Thomas Rein did a demo on graduating a soundboard properly .  He was Followed by John Ressler on carving out a Guitar neck . That was followed by Mike Boggeman who did the same using a pin router . And certainly not the least was the  time we spent in the Saw room watching the sawmill make fast work of a Hard Maple log .

I have included a few photos of attendees . If you have interest in attending next year  we would love to have you .   Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your visit .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working on Purple Heart Finsih

I have spent a few hrs wet sanding the Laq and buffing the Purple heart build . The following is sanded to 3600 and buffed

Front at the neck joint . The dyed neck with the distressed look came out nice . If you look carefully you will see purple in the neck in distressed areas.

The top was sanded to 3600 as well and buffed . No matter how I try it doesn't seem that I can get all the scratches out . I guess it will get better with practice.

The top of the tuner head and the fret board . Tough area to work and get looking good.

Joint at body . This is a glue joint and is another area that is difficult to get looking just right.

Thanks for stopping by . Have a great day .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cherry Dulcimer Walking Cane

I have started a Cherry Dulcimer that will also double as a walking Cane . Here are several pics showing the progress of the build . Below is the headstock beefed up to double as a cane handle .

Below is the back layout and reinforced .

The next pic shows the headstock after its been sanded and shaped . Note it has a back strip in the tuner area for additional strength . It will make it a smidgen harder to string , but should make it stronger.

The next pic shows the dulcimer glued together and the F holes placed and cut.

This one is solid cherry , top back sides all cherry . I'm not sure how it will sound but hopefully good.

The headstock mounted and ready for the walnut trim and a little idea I have cooking in my mind for the next post .

Thanks for stopping by . Hope you enjoyed your short visit.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Padauk Mando with Pick Guard

I went to Nashville Tn last weekend to the SPBGMA Bluegrass festival and took along the Mando you have watched being built . While I was there approx 24 people played the Mando-Lind and gave me feed back and good suggestions that they would like to see as a player to make it a better instrument . I will be tweaking this one a bit and making application of the suggestions I got on future builds . It was A great weekend for sure . Chris Oliver of Infinity Luthiers went as well and we had a great time . The " Rude Dogs " put on a great weekend of music and the Bagpipe Parade was a huge hit. If you have never been to SPBGMA and like bluegrass , You have no idea what your missing . I have included a short vid of my Mando-Lind being played as well . " No that's not me , I WISH " :lol:

Thanks for stopping By

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Padauk Mando Finished

I still have to mount a pick guard on the mando , but for all intents and purposes she is done . It sounds very good , quite a bright sound . If I can get time I will post a you tube of he being played . I have moved the F holes on this unit down toward the lower bout 1" to experiment with the sound . Please have a look at the following pics and thank you for stopping by.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my woodworking passion .