Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Mando In progress

I have started a New Mando recently and am enjoying working with this wood . The color you see is natural color. The down side is that the dust gets EVERYWHERE and its orange so it shows on everything.

The Orange wood is called Paduck , and the darker wood is Cocobolo . The Top is Spruce and the bracing is Spruce as well.

Hope you enjoy the Pics .

The Basic Wood Cut and the Neck Blank Glued Up.

Yes this is the Natural Wood Color

I have started the neck and as you can see the CocoBolo wood is being used as stiffener and as binding.

Cut the Tenon and angle of the neck heel on table saw.

Cut the basic neck shape for the heel and neck angle , ready for carving / sanding

Braced the Back

Lay out and brace the top and cut F holes

the wood pattern you will see in the Back when finished

The wood grain in the top . Notice how straight the grain is.

Angle of the Back Bracing after carving and sanding . This idea was a new one on the bracing shape. No guts no Glory ! LOL I hope !

The Top Bracing is made with a 1/4" end to end curve that is approx 20'-0" radius. And the back brace is 3/16" side to side to help hold the shape. I have carved them down and will tune them after gluing the top on.

I hope You have enjoyed seeing my little project. Stop by again and feel free to leave a comment .
Have a great day

Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Tools And Walking Canes

As most of you know by now , my mind is a lil warped "lol" The following series of pictures shows what I did this weekend . My older brother is /was an electrician . He is currently disabled due to a fall from a crane on the job.

I decided he needed a new walking cane , so in my twisted lil mind I decided to make another TOOL CANE . I have fashioned this one to be a Pipe Bender .

The pic above shows the Foot pad for the " Bender " used when bending pipe

I Tried to at least make it look somewhat like the bender in that it has a slot part way up for the pipe . However i was afraid that if I took it all the way around it would be uncomfortable .

This pic shows the pipe catch to hold the pipe and start the bend

Most benders have a series of angles printed into the side , I decided that 90 deg was enough for the cane . Don't wanna take away from the canes comfort by having to many carvings in the side

And Finally the full cane with the red "Pipe Bender " Handle complete with a good quality rubber tip !

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Short Video Of My Mando Being Played

This is my second Mando done and I was able to take it to a gathering this weekend . One of the people present is able to play about anything he picks up , and you will see him making my creation sound good .

You can see this build when it was in progress if you go down a few post below .
Thank you for taking the time to look and listen .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pear Blossom

My latest effort is the pear blossom . I have made the sides , back and neck from local cherry wood and the top is engleman spruce . The internal braces are all solid cherry .

Hope you like the pics .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Site To Visit

I have a friend who is making custom guitars and has a site I would Highly recommend that you visit when you can . There a many tutorials available and Hesh is the kind of person who is willing to help the new guy or gal in there quest to enjoy luthiere .

I have found him to be encouraging even when my uffffdaaaaahhs were obvious .

I have included a couple pics of some of his work and I believe you will enjoy his site and getting to know and see his ability's !

Enjoy !

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busted ankles and Wudwerks

I was helping a friend move this past weekend , and as You all know . NO good deed goes unpunished . In my efforts Sunday morning I slipped off the trailer and landed on my ankle . Its reaaaaalllly Pretty , Blacks , and Blues . All Swoll up like a punkin !

( thank god for pain killers and brandy )

Anyway . In true Wudwerkr Fashion , I don't buy it if 'n I can build it So I made what I needed to get me Through the weeks till its all better .

Yep , its a walking cane . Wifee says my brain power should be put ta better use LOLOL

Don't worry I gonna be OK , just hobblin around for a bit .

Monday, April 5, 2010

Couple New Mandola's

Here are some Pics of a couple Mandola's I have been playing around with while the Laq. dries and cures on the last two .

One is shaped Like a Guitar , It is Oak back and sides and has a spruce top, or will have.

The other one is oak sides and Mahogany back , I haven't decided the top yet.

Both have Walnut Necks with Carbon Fibre Stiffening Rods.

One neck is Carved the other will be tonight . I have just fitted them and have them screwed in place . After carving the neck it will be glued in place and the screw hole will have a wood dowel glued in as support .
Hope You enjoy seeing as Much as I enjoy Building

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Update on My Mandolins

I have just finished staining the two mando's I'm building now and have lacquered them . One is Cherry and black the other is Off Yellow with a redwood top .

I will post pictures of the Finished mando's in a month or so