Friday, December 30, 2011

Build Challenge

Over at the Official Luthiers Forum We have started a Build Challenge for Builders who are Members from around the globe .

If you are not Familiar with the site I recommend that you stop by there . You will find allot of great looking Guitars and find some very friendly people .

This Challenge goes as Follows :

( 1 ) Any stringed instrument you wish to build .
( 2 ) $150.00 Maximum cost , or comparable cost to the land in which you reside " see Spirit of Challenge comment ". To include Wood , Hardware , and Finish IE : Laq , tru-oil , etc:
DO NOT count tools , Molds , glue , tape , sandpaper , cases etc: Materials on hand should be given an
honest value . See Spirit of challenge comment .
( 3 ) Woods must be Indigenous to your region " within reason " See spirit of challenge comment .
( 4 ) No CITIES Materials
( 5 ) Must be Participating OLF member and throw your hat in the ring prior to end of Jan 2012
( 6 ) Finished for judging by end Of may 2012 , allows for 1 month of judging to take place in June .
( 7 ) Pics and utube sound clip for judging .
( 8 ) Judging will be done by OLF public vote and the one with most votes at the end of June wins
( 9 ) This is about FUN and CREATIVITY , so lets not get bogged down in petty stuff . Police yourselves and
Keep in mind the SPIRIT of the Challenge .


It should be an interesting time , there are a good number of builders involved . Stop by often and check up on the Build Challenge progress !

Monday, December 5, 2011

Electric Build

While I was waiting on some parts to come in for a couple of the guitars I am working on ( hardware stuff) I decided to do some basic work on the electric I have been thinking about .

The body is Mahogany and the neck is Maple . I have added a "heel" at the body joint to give it a different look . The design is for a Strato-caster

The front is partially milled at this point , It will have Humbucker pickups and a black pick guard . A Inset Plug and electronics pockets yet to be routered in.

I have A friend in the luthier world who does custom inlays for people and he made this head plate for me along with several others . His name is Stephen Ziegenfuss and can be reached at

Thanks for stopping by my little shop and having a look