Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Tools And Walking Canes

As most of you know by now , my mind is a lil warped "lol" The following series of pictures shows what I did this weekend . My older brother is /was an electrician . He is currently disabled due to a fall from a crane on the job.

I decided he needed a new walking cane , so in my twisted lil mind I decided to make another TOOL CANE . I have fashioned this one to be a Pipe Bender .

The pic above shows the Foot pad for the " Bender " used when bending pipe

I Tried to at least make it look somewhat like the bender in that it has a slot part way up for the pipe . However i was afraid that if I took it all the way around it would be uncomfortable .

This pic shows the pipe catch to hold the pipe and start the bend

Most benders have a series of angles printed into the side , I decided that 90 deg was enough for the cane . Don't wanna take away from the canes comfort by having to many carvings in the side

And Finally the full cane with the red "Pipe Bender " Handle complete with a good quality rubber tip !