Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Mando In progress

I have started a New Mando recently and am enjoying working with this wood . The color you see is natural color. The down side is that the dust gets EVERYWHERE and its orange so it shows on everything.

The Orange wood is called Paduck , and the darker wood is Cocobolo . The Top is Spruce and the bracing is Spruce as well.

Hope you enjoy the Pics .

The Basic Wood Cut and the Neck Blank Glued Up.

Yes this is the Natural Wood Color

I have started the neck and as you can see the CocoBolo wood is being used as stiffener and as binding.

Cut the Tenon and angle of the neck heel on table saw.

Cut the basic neck shape for the heel and neck angle , ready for carving / sanding

Braced the Back

Lay out and brace the top and cut F holes

the wood pattern you will see in the Back when finished

The wood grain in the top . Notice how straight the grain is.

Angle of the Back Bracing after carving and sanding . This idea was a new one on the bracing shape. No guts no Glory ! LOL I hope !

The Top Bracing is made with a 1/4" end to end curve that is approx 20'-0" radius. And the back brace is 3/16" side to side to help hold the shape. I have carved them down and will tune them after gluing the top on.

I hope You have enjoyed seeing my little project. Stop by again and feel free to leave a comment .
Have a great day