Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Of " Tool Cane " Series

Hello again . I got to thinking about this and decided , Whats the good of a Hammer if a man doesn't have a Nail to use it on ? Sooooooooooo Instead of making a plain dowel I turned a piece that is " Supposed " to resemble a nail .

Turned it out of Maple as well , a cut off from the orig. piece .

Fitting the tip and getting a close dimension of the drilled hole .

I decided to just use Lemon oil wipe on finish , easier for the user to refinish if needed .

Look anything like a nail at the end of the Hammer ?

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my little Passion .

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walking Cane Series

The Third Build in my Walking Cane Series . I have a friend that has recently been using a cane allot , so I decided to take a break from luthery to make him a cane . He was a Carpenter most of his Life So I thought a 24oz Framing hammer was appropriate . The head was formed to allow for proper hand size and the proportions based on that .

I then started the handle , I had intentioned at first to make it full length but the proportions did not look right . I cut the handle down to the proper size and it will have a 1" maple dowel coming out of the bottom of the handle with a rubber cane tip applied .

The Square at the base of the handle will be remover after its drilled for the Dowel.

Tried to make the transition into the head look as close to the old style Maple / Hickory handles

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