Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ole Hik'ry

I have a friends that had a baby boy about a year ago and ive kinda adopted him as a grandbaby . He is the cutest lil fella and all the girls swoon and make over him .

Anyway , The candlelady and I discussed the need for all lil boys to have a wild stallion to break and ride when they are searcing the world for the bad guys , and trying to outrun mommy and her nasty tasting medicine !

I had a stash of Hickory lumber I had bought to make a couple mandolins, and decided it would make a real good stallion .


Ian has a new buckin bronco , and gandpa needs a new stash of hickory.

Walnut handles on the head and saddle area .

That tail is actually grey , but looks bluish in pic.

Walnut "sturrips"

He is finished with Lemon Oil and as he gets older he will age naturally .

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Heidi said...

OH! I see how ya are! I had a baby boy almost 3 years ago and little sis never got a rocking horse.. SHEEEEEEEEEEESH.... how does this one rate??? HHHMMMM..

Btw - IT ROCKS!! **giggle*** pun intended!

and its very pretty! :)

Karen Deborah said...

It's beeyouuteeful! I thought that it miht be for the dud but it wasn't. your going to have to show us a picture of this cut e little baby boy!