Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Of Padauk Build

I have spent a bit more time on the Padauk Build. I had to find Quarter sawn Material to bend the sides before I could finish . This is beautiful wood , however its a Pain to bend . VERY hard.
Bending side and fitting to the shape jig

I had Berton Legeyt make me some tuner knobs from Padauk Material to match . If you need tuner knobs he can be contacted here legeytguitars@gmail.com

He does great work and is very reasonable on pricing

Mandola Body Glued and kerfing in place with end blocks .

Glued and clamped the face on , all the tone bars are in place and the " F " holes cut.

Gluing binding around outer edge of top . Binding is Cocobolo material like the trim on the neck.

And the neck is mounted and checked for centering and angle .

Thanks for stopping by .

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