Monday, June 20, 2011

More on the " Purple Heart Build "

I have spent a bit more time working on the Purple Heart Guitar and wanted to update my progress here a little bit. I had never done a inlay Rosette on a top yet so I decided to try that. I routed the top approx .065 deep and set the rosette inlay in with titebond original mixed with black die to help it blend in . I got a little carried away with the glue and you can see it oooozed out a bit.

Ready to scrape , I used a razor Knife Blade to scrape with and it seemed to work well.

Finished scraping and a quick 220G sand and you have it.

Set my router back up and routed out the sound hole and have edged it with the same black binding material I am using on the guitar. Scraped And Sanded ready to go.

Did a basic layout for the top bracing and pre-cut the x-brace and finger braces and tone braces to set the lengths and scallop the ends and fit.

Picture below is the inside of the sides and back after gluing together . Bracing in place and Neck Block set . You notice the Neck Block is a C shape . I have never tried this yet so I am hoping that it will brace it well for the neck.

Second shot of internal back bracing

The following is a series of Pics showing the Top Bracing after the scallops have been ground for tone and support. Everything is Glued in place now.

And Finally the Top being glued into place with my Jig and spring loaded Clamp bars .

Thanks For Stoping By , Hope You Enjoyed Your Time !

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