Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oscar Schmidtt , Not oscar the grouch !

Found this old Oscar Schmidtt AutoHarp at an antique store recently . It was in bad shape . Paid $35.00 for it and thought it was to much then . The back was falling off , the end pin bar was about pulled out ( where the strings attach on those lil pins ) and the bracing was all lose and warped. I didn't take pics of start , wish I had when I realize how well it turned out .

Picture from tuner end , they all appear orig.

Picture of end bar reglued in place and all the strings back on pins . Talk about a little pain in the butt to string .

4 hrs later , a bit of Hyde glue ( that's what was used originally ) and some preservation polish to clean it and still keep the patina , and there you have it . I didn't try and tune it those strings are old . I just tightened them slightly taut and let it go . Cant be played that way , but will look real nice as House decoration .

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