Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Padauk Mando with Pick Guard

I went to Nashville Tn last weekend to the SPBGMA Bluegrass festival and took along the Mando you have watched being built . While I was there approx 24 people played the Mando-Lind and gave me feed back and good suggestions that they would like to see as a player to make it a better instrument . I will be tweaking this one a bit and making application of the suggestions I got on future builds . It was A great weekend for sure . Chris Oliver of Infinity Luthiers went as well and we had a great time . The " Rude Dogs " put on a great weekend of music and the Bagpipe Parade was a huge hit. If you have never been to SPBGMA and like bluegrass , You have no idea what your missing . I have included a short vid of my Mando-Lind being played as well . " No that's not me , I WISH " :lol:

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