Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Wick Candle Holder Turning

I Started this little project by glueing up several oak boards and letting them set for a few days . After they had allowed time for the glue to dry properly , I cut the basic design needed to allow for turning on the legacy router lathe .

For those of you that do not know what this is , it is a geared lathe system that allows the woood to turn as a router is moved acroos the material , using router bits to make shapes as needed.

Many of you have seen "rope twist" on edges of furniture , this is machine they make that with.

Mounting the wood in the lathe and setting the proper gear ratio , start the router with the proper bits , and soon we had the following candle holder .

As you can see its been used a while, candle wax has dripped on sides .

The actual time involved was probably a couple hrs maximum , however it turned out a very nice candle holder.

I will be posting more of this type and various other items in the future . The Candle is a 3 Wick and they are available from the CandleLady in various scents . The Cost on 3 Wicks will vary but the average cost ( Without Wood Holder ) is around $ 40.00

If you would like to talk to CandleLady about them please leave a comment !

Enjoy !!

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Heidi said...

SO PRETTY!!! I LOVE IT!!! How much is the candle holder itself??? HHHMMMM