Thursday, June 18, 2009

Darts Anyone

At One Time Back In My Sordid Past I Had Time To Play In The Chicago Dart Leagues . While I Never Got Extremely Proficient , I Did Win A Couple Trophies . However This Post Is About What I Enjoy , WudWerks . I Decided My Daughter Needed To Learn A Little About The Games , 301 , 501 , and Cricket . So With That In Mind I Built The Following Dart Board For Our Basement .

The Doors Are Made From Walnut 2" Wide Strips with a 1/2" Mortise to allow the Oak Panels room to Inlay . The Panels are Solid Oak Flooring . yes Like You Would Find On Your Floor !
And I Used Brass Hinges And A Brass Lock . The Unit Is Lacquered and Sealed.

Opening The Doors You See The Dart Board Mounted To Cork That Has Been Glued To The Plywood Backing . The Sides Of The Cabinet Are Oak And It Is Approx 3" Deep . Because Of The Ceiling Height In The Basement I Was Forced To Mount The Dartboard Higher In The Cabinet To Make The regulation Height And Still Get It Wall Mounted.

As You Can See The Unit Is Lagged Into The Basement Wall With Large Bolts Since We Have Concrete Walls That Was Necessary . The Top Of The Cabinet Is 1-1/2" Below Ceiling Level , Which I Was Afraid Would Cause Problems in Shooting . However It Seems To Be Fine.

I Used Walnut Blocks And Dry Erase Boards To Make Points Scoring Boards . And If You Look At The Darts That Is A Walnut Block With 6 Holes Drilled For The Darts To Stand In. Looking Back Up A Couple Pics You can See I've Mounted 2 Score Boards .

All In All The Cost Of The Project Was Around $100.00 . You Can Purchase Pre-Built Units for More , However where Is The Fun In That ? LOL !!

For Those Who Are Not Familiar With The Games 301 And Cricket I Will Give A Quick Run Down

*********In 301 or 501 The Outer Ring is a Double Score , A person Is Required To Double In And Double Out . The Deduct Your Score From 301 Till U Hit Zero Exactly With A Double Out.

Example , You Have 31 Points Left that means you have to hit a 1 then a double 15 or some combination to make 31 points.

********Cricket Is Simpler , You Have To Hit 3 , 15 through 20 's and 3 bulls eyes. If I have hit all my 15's and you haven't , every time I get another 15 , i get 15 points against you, until You Hit Them All. The Only Thing You cannot Do Is Count A Bulls eye untill ALL Your Numbers Are Closed First !

I Hope My Little Project Is Enjoyable to You , It Certainly was For Me !


Heidi said...

that is BEAUTIFUL!!! You are a perfectionist for sure!!! your very tallented my friend!

Heidi said...

that is BEAUTIFUL!!! You are a perfectionist for sure!!! your very tallented my friend!

Karen Deborah said...

wow that is amazing. Post this on e bay with a minimum bid of $100, and I think you may be pleasantly surprised!

Willow Witch said...

That is lovely, to think I just make my kids put on a bullseye t-shirt...they are really lucky, I suck at it... Really that is nice, you are a very talented woodworker...