Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finished Project ( minor stuff still needed )

The Finished Mandolin looks much better and has a decent sound . There is a Buzzing in one area that I believe is due to a high Fret in the area that came apart and required re gluing. When time is available I will address that problem.

Cleaned and Strung:

The Jigsaw Fret Board Looks Good Considering it was in 8 Pieces :

The Neck glued back to the bowl and reinforced with a Hard Maple Dowel :

Tuners cleaned and headstock as well . I did find some carving in the headstock at the top when It was cleaned . I will need a Magnifying Glass to see if its legible. It is extremely faint but is somewhat visable , after cleaning.

In this pic you can see the corner of the fret board that i made reference to that will need a little attention. When I have a little more time it will get fixed .

I hope you have enjoyed my little project. Since it was my 1st I am sure there are Many mistakes . Hopefully it will get better with time .
I do WELCOME ANY suggestions from Restorers that will help me be better at this . Please Leave A Comment.


Heidi said...

DANG!! that is down right beautiful!! I wish I could hear it play... get the cam corder out buddy!!!

my verification word is impedles - that sounds like Lispy sayin infidels....

LDF said...

It's nice to see someone take the time to repair a lovely old instrument. I'm with Heidi ... let's see/hear it played now!