Monday, August 24, 2009

Mandolin Post # 7 ITS DONE !!

Well the time has come my good friends , to talk of other things. Of many hours making parts for Mandolins with Strings !
The next few pics are all of the Mando finished and tuned.
I made a pearl pick guard from a sheet I purchased from Stewart MacDonald and since I didn't want it actually touching the top surface I purchase the smallest rubber O rings I could find and put 1 under each screw so the pick guard is approx 1/16" off the top surface.

You can see parts of the Label in the pic through the sound hole . It says " WudWerks Inc. Serial # 0001 Manuf Date 7-9-09"

The tail Piece and tuners are all Polished Brass With Pearl Knobs on the tuners . The Pick Guard is pearl. The Fret Dots are Pearl. The Bridge and Fret Board are Ebony . The sides neck and back are Hard Maple and the Top is Mahogany

Remember the tension rod in the neck. I covered it with a Mahogany wood block and set it with polished brass screws the same as the pick guard. I purchased a leather strap and it is complete.

I really hope you have enjoyed my small project as much as I have in making it.

Next post will be a Vid ( if I can figure it out ) with it being played so you can hear it.

Have great day everyone


Karen Deborah said...

It's gorgeous! APPLAUSE CLAPPING HAND WILDY*****shouts hoooray for the coffee man!!! Good job, take a bow!

Willow Witch said...

I am speachless, let me tell ya that takes some work! It is amazing, STANDING OVATION, come on people on your feet, lets go, louder, LOUDER! Cant wait to hear it!

Jody Blue said...

Very impressive. I keep telling my husband he should give something like this a try!